Facilitation & Workshops

I hold a certification in Facilitation and offer a variety of programs and services for groups, including:

Workshops on Wellness for students at Universities

I visit college campuses to present group experiences that help students connect to themselves and to each other more deeply.

Guided Meditation Classes

Offered online for either groups or individuals, these sessions can give you permission to pause, help you meet the moment, and cultivate deeper relaxation and presence.

Online programs for taking your life to the next level

Coming soon: Group online programs focused on enhancing a key aspect of your life such as a relationship, or a career shift.

“This workshop really helped me realize how many of my desires could be fulfilled by a closer relationship with myself, not money, and that’s something I can change immediately.”

“I loved the workshop. Very beneficial and inspiring. Packed with all sorts of applicable tips for living an abundant life everyday.”

“Great energy! Definitely doing what inspires you.”

Participants from the “Passion and Abundance” Workshop at The Body Actualized Center, Brooklyn, NY.

Past Programs

I have also co-facilitated a number of longer-term programs in collaboration with other organizations, such as:

Escape the City, Co-Lead Facilitator

Co-facilitated a 3 month career change and accelerator program to help a cohort of over 30 New Yorkers find more meaningful work, build community with like-minded individuals. I led exercises and activities to help foster a growth mindset, cultivate useful habits, and create and accomplish personal and professional goals.

The Higher Purpose Project, Curriculum Developer & Community Manager

As a founding member, I created a safe and open environment for participants to share deeply their process of growth and transformation at each quarterly 3 day retreat. I designed and led experiential yoga and mindfulness workshops live at each summit and created follow-up webinars for the months that followed. I also created curriculum to help attendees discover their passions and greatest talents, overcome fears and limiting beliefs, build authentic connections with fellow heroes, and gain practical tools and strategies to create a life aligned with a higher purpose.

She Creates Change, CHANGE Coach

As a lead coach, I co-facilitated a 20 week program for a circle of 10 entrepreneurial women, teaching the proprietary She Creates Change curriculum and guiding participants through a journey towards personal growth and greater alignment with their professional callings.

Workshop Testimonials

This workshop was absolutely brilliant! With her characteristic passion to help others, Jeanine succeeded in turning a simple workshop into an evening of unprecedented self discovery. Having attended her class, I feel my goals have become more realistic and easily attainable. If you have a passion but can’t quite find your purpose, then your search for salvation is over. Take this class, you won’t regret it!

Daniel Ali

Not only does Jeanine radiate positivity that you cannot help but soak up, she actually provides you with tools and actionable methods to find what it is you love to do and recognize the things in your life that are great. She leads you in constructing a clear perspective on what is out of balance in your life and how you can take small steps toward accomplishing larger goals. I would highly recommend Jeanine to anyone who is looking to gain perspective on balancing the many facets of your busy life, understanding how to move toward the things you want, and is ready to take action in improving your state of mind and general well-being!

Leighann FarrellyCommunity Manager at Skillshare.

Jeanine was awesome. She was heartfelt and made everyone feel comfortable. She introduced us to a number of meditations and was able to get the whole group connected and on the same wavelength. Highly recommended for both the novice and experienced meditator.

Lorenz SellTech Entrepreneur and Founder at “HeartBeat”