Jeanine Cerundolo
M.A., Holistic Life Coach

Life Transitions – Career change, big move, new relationship

Personal Growth – Nurturing creative aspirations and artistic expression

Break-Ups & Love – Heal and move forward in your love life

Meditation & Mindfulness – Cultivating inner peace and clarity

Passion & Purpose Work  – Creating meaningful work that feels aligned

Compare/Despair – When your life isn’t like your newsfeed

“Almost-30” Syndrome – Confronting the “shoulds” & pressure to “succeed”

Relationships – Harmony with yourself, others, romance


  • Columbia University  – Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology through Teacher’s College Spirituality Mind-Body Institute

  • Tufts University – B.A. in English

  • Certified Facilitator for Group Coaching (80HR)

  • Yoga Teacher Certification from Kripalu (200HR)


  • Curriculum Director & leader for quarterly weekend summits/retreats for over 200 Entrepreneurs

  • Co-Creator and Guide for Online Meditation Program

  • Co-Facilitator for 20 week-long group coaching programs for women’s empowerment and career transition

  • Co-Lead Facilitator for 3-month NYC accelerator program for professional men and women in personal growth and career transitions

Featured In

Jeanine listens closely and really gets to know who you are and where you are in your life. I have learned so much about myself, with Jeanine’s help. I wish I would have done this 10 years ago, but it’s never too late.

– Sheri B, Data Scientist, SD

My Approach

In our work together, you can uncover dormant parts of yourself and live with more presence, purpose, ease, and enthusiasm. I am here to be a supportive force to ask the right questions, evoke your own inner knowing, and help you tune into your deepest wisdom. Drawing from a variety of tools and techniques, I personalize each coaching experience.

I believe that we are already whole and complete, but also always on a path of evolution and growth. My work helps to facilitate a greater openness and a more focused direction for you to access clarity, confidence, and commitment in living and relishing a life you love. The work is empowering, it’s transformational, it’s fun! I’m honored to journey with you on the inner deep dive that enables your highest capacity for expansion, growth, joy, and well-being.

About Me

I am a workshop facilitator, writer, and personal development coach dedicated to the arenas of personal transformation, healing, and community building. In my free time, I am also very passionate about meditation, yoga, and creative expression – in the forms of spoken word poetry, painting, and dance (especially salsa dance!).

I love working with heart-centered people who are both go-getters (who have much they want to accomplish personally & professionally), and also go-givers (who want to contribute to their community/ the greater world around them). I love to support others in growing personally in the realms of radical self-acceptance and self-expression, since I believe that much lasting change begins from the inside out.