Awaken Clarity, Confidence, and Joy

by Honoring All Parts of Yourself


Over the past decade, I’ve been guiding others on their personal growth journeys – helping them navigate their deep dives into “inner space,” where they’ve encountered their most stubborn inner enemies, and learned to transform them into their own best friends.


I’ve seen clients break through barriers, resolve inner conflicts, go for dreams they’d been holding themselves back from, create more harmony with family members, attract the love they’d been seeking, and understand themselves in new ways.


Team You includes my own experiences, useful prompts and methods, as well as stories of my clients’ journeys in moving from frustration to flourishing by loving all parts of themselves, so that you can do the same!

Cultivate Greater Love in Your Life

Find harmony and connection in the relationships with yourself, others, and a cause or force greater than you

Navigate a Fork-in-the-Road

Free yourself from the ping-ponging of pros and cons lists in your brain and find clarity in your next steps

Deepen Your Self-Awareness

Expand your toolkit and resources for personal growth by getting to know sides of you that you didn’t know existed

Make Decisions with Confidence

Connect with your inner compass and navigate toward your True North with greater joy and ease!

Uncover the Gifts of the Present

Move past your fears and inner blocks to live with more freedom and possibility!

Befriend your world within, so all sides of you can work together on the same team:

Team YOU!




There have been different modalities that work with what are called “sub-personalities” for decades. In the therapeutic and spiritual arenas, Internal Family Systems (IFS), developed by psychologist Richard Schwartz has been an immensely profound and comprehensive model for working with parts.

Over the years of working with this concept that we all have many sides to us,  I’ve integrated parts work with a variety of other tools ranging from creative arts, positive psychology, guided visualization, and mindfulness practices.

In Team You, I offer my intuitive method for working with parts, specifically in more of a coaching context. The book speaks to those who are in transition both inside and out, and seeking a tool to get to their deepest inner truth. From this centered place, it becomes possible to move forward with purpose in the dance of life – balancing intentionality with the joy of being led.

Rather than flounder and struggle when it comes to knowing what we want, and how to get it, Team You offers a process that helps to create peace and centeredness along the journey between “here” and “there” by aligning with all the inner parts of yourself.

This book has been designed to be a friendly guide to help you get to know your own parts, as illustrated by examples from my journey and that of my clients. It will have hands-on tools, examples, and exercises for you to creatively incorporate this profound and effective modality into your own life.

You can use it to navigate challenging transitions, feel more aligned in the face of forks in the road, and generate more confidence in your next steps – both personally and professionally.

Book Praise

What a wonderfully refreshing and well-written self-help book! Jeanine exudes creativity and joy in her writing. I love the strategies to dig deep and get to know each individual piece of myself. Through using the tools in this book, I began to make decisions with greater ease and compassion. I feel so grateful and forever changed after reading Jeanine's work. This is a must-read for anyone in search of peace, clarity, and insight into their own mind!

Sydney DoolittleBreath-work and Ayurvedic Practitioner, WY

I started reading this book, not really knowing what to expect. It intrigued me as I never heard of parts work. I instantly fell in love with the content and how the author creatively guides the reader through deep inner work using parts mapping, journaling, meditation, and more. The exercises are challenging yet fun to work through as I discovered things about myself that I had unknowingly suppressed. This was a 'self help' experience that I didn't know I needed.

Lauren CapYoga Teacher and Magazine Editor, NYC

All these opportunities are manifesting now! Thank you for your encouragement to help me work with my inner obstacles, and find a better relationship to those parts of me that were scared and holding me back. They’re still there, but I can navigate them with more ease and joy now!

Hafeez SumaniMarketing and Consulting, Canada

I wanted to let you know that this work has greatly impacted my decision-making and clarity! I haven’t had any more anxiety about my decisions and this has allowed me to be productive, finally. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and for helping me on my journey.

Stacie VelehradskyWebsite Designer, Denver, CO