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Check out my upcoming book, Team You! (More information below). It is all about the tools I use in my coaching practice and how to apply these methods to your own life.

Other books in which I am a contributing author include:


It’s a joy to talk to other entrepreneurs about things that light me up and the work I do! In these conversations, we get to connect more deeply about various topics from coaching, to meditation, to building a business!

I’m honored to have been a guest on the following podcasts:


I’m grateful to have been a guest writer for inspiring platforms that focus on personal development and inner growth. It’s been a delight to share these stories and insights with a wide audience.

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In my first book, Team You, I describe how to make the shift from frustration to flourishing, from confusion to clarity, and from striving to thriving. I use a profound and creative process that I’ve explored and expanded on through the years, and it is just as effective as it is fun!


After seeing so many clients find deep success and transformation through connecting with themselves in this way, I realized that countless others could derive value from applying these tools, if they had a simple and easy method to access it. 

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Working with parts in a guided co-creative visualization has helped clients find direction, clarity, and freedom – in moments both big and small.

Here is what a few have to say about the impact of these tools:


“Jeanine…how does one thank someone who’s given them the gift of freedom? That’s a gift people will search a lifetime to find. Today you gave me the tools, space, and time to break down walls that have been blocking me from my source. I realize now that those tears were not from pain, but rather tears of freedom. I feel lighter, clearer, and stronger than I have in awhile and I am so grateful to you for leading me there so safely with your words. You have a true gift!”

~ Chelsea C.

“All these opportunities are manifesting now! Thank you for your encouragement to help me work with my inner obstacles, and find a better relationship to those parts of me that were scared etc. They’re still there, but I can navigate them with more ease and joy now!” 

~Hafeez S.


“I wanted to let you know that work we did has greatly impacted my decision-making and clarity! I haven’t had any anxiety about my decisions and when fears come up, I am able to squash them right away.  This has allowed me to be productive, finally.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me and for helping me on my journey.”

~ Stacie V.


You might especially enjoy this book if you:

  • Are seeking a greater love in your life – in the relationships with yourself, others, and a cause or force greater than you
  • Are facing a cross-roads (a career transition, a big move etc.) and would like some relief from the ping-ponging of pros and cons lists in your brain
  • Are exploring personal growth tools and spiritual psychology and want to deepen your resources for developing as a person
  • Are curious and excited by anything you’ve read so far and want to learn more!


With this concept of inner parts, I always think of the metaphor of a horse-drawn carriage. Imagine 4 horses struggling against each other, as they are facing in different directions- one wants to go left, one right, one back, and one forward!  

No wonder this metaphorical carriage isn’t getting anywhere fast. Each horse is striving towards an individual aim, as oriented by their unique will, needs, and desires. 

Through seeing each of our inner parts as one of these horses, and working with them to understand the deeper needs and messages of each, we work to help all the horses face in the same direction.

Then, the carriage can shift from being stuck indefinitely to getting on a roll towards your goals! 

Working with my parts (instead of letting them unconsciously drive me!) has helped me to engage them as allies – they’re all aboard Team Jeanine! 


In this book, I explain my own process of getting our own inner aspects to be known, understood, and be-friended, so that rather than fighting each other, they team up together: on “Team YOU

In Team You, I’ll highlight what has worked in my own journey to cultivate alignment, harmony, and inner joy – as well as what I’ve seen help many clients find more peace and centeredness. Rather than flounder and struggle when it comes to knowing what we want, and how to get it, why not embrace a process that helps to create joy along the journey between “here” and “there.”


Join us!