Success Stories

Personalized Coaching

Jeanine Cerundolo’s Purpose Program is invaluable. For many years I have been trying to condense many parts of my professional life in an effort to find deeper meaning, and her loving and firm guidance helped me get to the essence of how I contribute to society. It’s a must for any professional.

Scott MorganPresident, The Morgan Group & Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Washington, DC

Transformed Skeptic

As a longtime skeptic of people and plans that promise sweeping transformation, it surprises many (even me), that I opened myself to Jeanine’s Bliss Coaching. Timing is everything, though, and there are no coincidences. Jeanine proposed that I work with her on a day where I felt a palpable heaviness in my life, but also enough hope to respond “I’m in, let’s do it! Where do we start?” Over the past couple of months, Jeanine’s thoughtful weekly assignments have kept me honest about taking responsibility for my own happiness.

She encourages me to knock down walls that hinder my growth and sense of possibility by showing me that they aren’t real; I have created and bolstered them with my own negative mindset. Since I started working with Jeanine, I have become kinder to myself and less critical of others. I am doing things that I had been avoiding. I am clearing space to change what is no longer working. I feel lighter. My “bliss” journey has not been without challenges, nor is it over, but Jeanine has been an invaluable guide every step of the way.

Jessye JoyceHealth Professional, Boston, Massachusetts

Remarkable Positive Transformation

Working with Jeanine was an absolute pleasure and it is remarkable to see how much positive transformation she has facilitated in my personal and professional life in just 6 weeks. It is evident that coaching is Jeanine’s passion and she has an incredible gift. Her style is incredibly personalized, consultative, thoughtful, and inspiring, and I found myself empowered by her ability to offer a plethora of resources and guidance. Now that we have completed coaching, I am particularly grateful for Jeanine’s conscious efforts to serve as a teacher while giving me the tools to create change in a gradual, sustainable way.

Through meditation, intention-setting, and reflection, Jeanine has enabled me to achieve heightened self awareness, feeling more centered, present, and confident. Not only did Jeanine help me accomplish every one of my goals that I set for coaching, but I am now pursuing my dream career and ready to continue to use the tools that she provided to continue to evolve my aspirations while savoring the journey along the way.

Michael StoneEntrepreneur & Founder of “Abroad 101.” New York, New York

I completely, wholeheartedly recommend Jeanine. It was my first time working with a coach and, out of all of the coaches that I did intro calls with, I connected right off the bat with Jeanine’s warmth, intuition, and understanding. She’s changed my life. In our time together, I grew more than I could’ve imagined in just a few months. I relearned how to connect with my intuition and to act on it. I nurtured a profound, deeper trust in myself and the universe. I reopened myself to the world to be the giver that I am at my core. And I found the courage to speak my truth and step into my full bigness and wholeness of being. Her use of guided visualization is so powerful and has opened up worlds and tools that I will use for the rest of my life. Most importantly, I feel that Jeanine approaches her clients as more than just clients but as humans that she deeply cares about and roots for. I feel unconditionally supported and cherished by her. Jeanine is incredible and I can’t recommend her enough!    

– Donna C, Tech, SF, CA

Sparks My Passion For My Work and Creativity

Jeanine approaches her work with such compassion, love, and warmth that even her presence is enough to ignite the sparks of my passion and create motion in my journey. She brings a full and diverse toolkit to her coaching combined with an intuitive flexibility that makes each session tailored to what I am currently experiencing, and what my needs are in each moment.

She approaches our work with a strong and nurturing drive to help me figure out where I’m at, where I want to go, and how to get there. All of this combines to turn each session into a dense and fulfilling experience that leaves me so much farther along my path than I could have ever expected out of a single hour.

Philip JohnsonSocial Worker & World Traveler, MN

From Stuck to Soaring

A life coach was something that I never thought I would be seeking, and I’m so grateful to have transcended my initial skepticism, as Jeanine has changed my life forever. Working with her has been one of those few, profoundly pivotal experiences of my life. Through her gifted listening and astute advice, she’s cleared so many weeds in my brain during a time where I felt really lost. She is not afraid to get to the bottom of whatever is blocking you, and facilitates growth in a gentle and grounding way. I’ve come out of our work together feeling the most aligned with myself I’ve ever been, and am forever grateful to her for the tools she’s equipped me with to continually approach my life and experiences with love, validity, and kindness. Thank you Jeanine for your guidance this year, I’m grateful forever for you!

Joyce HuhSpeech Pathologist/ Theater Artist, SF, California

I have been working with Jeanine for life coaching. My experience with her has been nothing less than fantastic. She is definitely pushing me to live out my aspirations and work through what is holding me back. I find Jeanine to be very encouraging and supportive. There is lots of structure with personalized lessons and homework. I wouldn’t be able to make these life changes without her. I truly think that she is one of a kind!

Amber WFinance & Organizational Consulting, VT

Jeanine is an incredibly wise and soulful coach that I have been so honored to work with during the last 8 weeks. She brought a very calming and centered energy to each of our sessions, listened deeply and non-judgmentally, and reflected myself back to me. She offered resources and reassurance, and she took me on quite a beautiful journey within myself. These past couple of months have been among the toughest in my life, but working with Jeanine offered me a unique sense of peace. I feel more clarity about my purpose, and I feel more confident about pursuing my path. Working with Jeanine, I feel cared for by a very capable and genuine coach and human. I look forward to my sessions with Jeanine, and I feel immensely lucky to have found her.

Aaliah ELife Coach, Washington D.C.

Jeanine is an exceptional career and life coach. She is professional, very knowledgeable and astute in helping to narrow down the problems. She is positive & encouraging in helping to reach one's goals. I am a psychologist and I greatly admire and appreciate her perspective and wisdom.

Stacy DTherapist and Lecturer, Tampa, Florida

When I first reached out to Jeanine, I was feeling incredibly stuck. I knew I had to take action, but my lack of clear purpose and my self-doubt were paralyzing. Jeanine, in her very kind and practical way, showed me how to create more space for the activities and people who energize me and to give myself permission to let go of the values and expectations that were no longer helping me thrive. Jeanine taught me how to both recognize and prioritize what really matters to me. I now feel much more equipped to move forward and take risks to design a life that is more me, more balanced, and more fulfilling.

Jessica RMarketing Strategist and Writer, Denver, CO

Working with Jeanine could not have come at a more perfect time. I had made a career transition, and was in the process of starting my business. As I navigated all the newness, I knew coaching would be the best form of support. And Jeanine was a perfect match. Her balance of mindfulness throughout our sessions (starting with meditation, practicing deep listening) alongside practical tools allowed for me to transform from the inside out.

For each session, Jeanine met me where I was, asked me to guide the conversation based on how I was feeling or what was most on my mind. And she always has a strategy for how to deepen my learning. Her strategies go deep, take time, and ask clients to explore their values and beliefs in ways that ensure they're living life in alignment with their purpose. After working with Jeanine, I feel more confident in my skills as a consultant, and I am seeing the work we did manifest in my professional spheres. It's amazing.

L. CohenEducation Consultant, Portland, OR

Jeanine has been a fantastic coach and ally on my journey to start my own coaching business! With her support, I’ve been able to visualize, plan, and implement my goals more effectively than ever before. In our sessions together, her compassion and understanding radiate through the phone. Jeanine has helped me to find deeper acceptance for the different parts of myself that need care and acknowledgment as I progress forward. She’s helped me recognize my value more clearly and encouraged me to keep seeing it each time I’ve struggled with a mental roadblock. I’m deeply grateful for the privilege to have Jeanine cheering in my corner. She is a talented coach with an innate ability to hold space for her clients with kindness and patience. I highly recommend her!

Allegra OHealth Coach & Copywriter, Oakland, CA

Jeanine is an incredible coach, one who I would highly recommend. Let it be known that I don't hand out compliments or recommendations lightly. She helped me transform my core paradigms, which has enabled me to become freer and more abundant. Jeanine has a deep reservoir of wisdom, a wonderful ability to listen deeply, and an uncanny ability to offer the right guidance at the right time. She is authentic, 100% compassionate, and fully present. This is a coach worth hiring.

Michael KPsychotherapist, Denver, CO

The work I am doing with Jeanine has changed my life. When I began working with her, I was unfocused professionally and had many ideas that I could not bring into reality. Through the many months of work with Jeanine, I was empowered, held accountable, and created the vision that I've wanted for this next phase of my life.

Through her vast knowledge of coaching, her guided prompts and tools, and her expertise in her field, I have been inspired to create my own parent coaching business. Since I launched recently, I hit the ground running and am loving working with my 5 new clients! Jeanine has celebrated all of my accomplishments with me along the way. She guides me to continue to grow and trust in my own inner strength and wisdom. Jeanine's gentle yet grounded approach continues to help me navigate the many facets of beginning a new business.

Jeanine is excellent at supporting life coaches, business coaches, and now parent coaches! Each session with Jeanine is profound and I always come away from each session feeling clearer, more focused, and determined to continue believing in myself and my own potential. The work I have done with Jeanine came into my life at the exact time it was supposed to and it has been transformational!

Carrie R Parent Coach & Counselor, CT

Jeanine is absolutely wonderful. I came to her when my life seemed out of control, and I categorized myself somewhere in between a machine and a zombie. She helped me seek clarity in what I really wanted from life and help me manage my expectations for myself. With coaching, my self-discovery led me to a new job, a less cluttered life, and a healthier me over all: mind, body and soul.

Maliha AIT Project Manager, Seattle, Washington

I love working with Jeanine and have seen so much progress in my life over the past 2 months. She asks questions that make your eyes, life, and heart open up. The tools that she provides feel like they’re catered directly towards me and not generic. After a conversation with Jeanine I feel opened up, grounded, and that I trust myself/the universe. I highly recommend Jeanine if you’re feeling stuck in an aspect of your life or looking for someone who really “gets it”.

Chelsie K Finance, Stamford, CT

Jeanine is wonderful. I feel very comfortable communicating with her and she has a powerful method of steering me towards solutions without telling me what to do. I love her personalized visualizations and exercises, her guidance has helped me tremendously!

Zoe HWildlife Conservation, Seattle, Washington

This has been an amazing experience!! Jeanine is a PRO! The details of the work we are doing have me busy all week making true changes to my lifestyle and business! She is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

Rebecca RActress and Coach, NYC

I started working with Jeanine for extra support and accountability as I started my new business venture. Her guidance has been priceless. Her presence and ability to hear what’s not being said is exquisite. She’s helped me to stay focused on my immediate goals, while giving me the space to grow into new possibilities!

Julie PelaezHolistic Health & Nutrition Coach, CO

The Jeanine Cerundolo Effect

Jeanine has been my Life and Work Coach for the last three months and a real Lifesaver!

I have never been a very spiritual person, just pragmatic and always either in a rush doing everything or living a meltdown, exhausted by my own self- imposed rushes!

When I met her, I was in one of my meltdown phases! Except this one was different. It was not going away!

I was tired and numb from love relationships gone sour and in a business venture I started that was costing me more than I was making and only contributing to depleting my lifetime savings! And nothing I did, nor tried whether at work or love to get out of it was working! I was entering my 7th year of this meltdown, turning 60, perpetually single, fatigued and anxiety levels through the roof from my inability to generate a sustainable income from a business I was not willing to let go of!

Needless to say, I was desperate and in a cumulative rush to find a more sustainable and enlightened pathway! And this is where the Jeanine Cerundolo Effect comes in!

In less than three months of coaching with Jeanine, I was able to break away from a mindset and vicious circle that had kept me stuck for years. I was able to clarify and find a better sustainable revenue generating pathway and pursue a longtime dream with more faith. I was able to slow down my perpetual inclination to rush everything which brought down considerably my fatigue and meltdown swing. And maybe most importantly, I was able to feel new hope in finding love and loving again, something I had painfully resigned to believe was not possible for me!

Thanks Jeanine! Your effect on my life has been undeniable and has already been a real game changer for me! And we are not done yet, we still have two more months to go!

Patricia RimokAlternative Financing Solutions Consultant, Montreal, Canada

Opened up to Love Again!

Jeanine’s guided meditation led me to the root of the emotional pain I was holding onto from a past relationship. Her calming voice and reassuring words led me through the healing process of forgiving, accepting and letting go. I was amazed that in such a short time she could help me see and feel so free. And a week later I met an amazing man on a park bench and I knew I was ready to welcome him into my life. *(Note: They are now engaged!)

Chelsea CastnerFounder of "Just ask Y"

I found Jeanine quite by chance one day listening to a podcast. Something in her voice and approach resonated with me and I sent her an email. Cut to eight weeks later and I am bang slap in the middle of a successful and fulfilling JNC coaching course! Due to my location we hold weekly calls which work really well. It feels so good to be doing this coaching not only because I am accessing so many new tools/techniques/literature and expanding my learning but also because I see a positive shift in my daily life. Like anything it requires commitment and you have to want to do the work. Jeanine is the one who gets you to where you need to be to do this. She is uplifting, positive, soothing, caring and switched on! An amazingly skilled coach who works at lightning speed and tunes in effortlessly (or so it seems) to you! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to invest some time into their learning and self development to take a chance and engage with Jeanine – you won’t regret it.

– Philip P, Marketing, UK

Profound Mental Clarity

The mental clarity and actions I’ve experienced and undertaken in the last few months I owe to Jeanine. A friend of mine spoke highly of Jeanine one night while she was over visiting and she told me about how she was helping her to make life goals and stick to them. I just wanted to go to someone and talk because I felt that I had so many ideas but no way to get them out of my head. So I decided to give her a try.

My first session with Jeanine was amazing. I felt as though I had always known her and we touched on some very sensitive ground that I usually didn’t open up about with anyone. Jeanine is very professional but also very caring. She has a different approach for every person she works with, catering to their specific needs and goals. If you just need someone to help you smooth out wrinkles in your life and bring some calmness to it or help put you on the right path to making these important life decisions, I highly recommend Jeanine.

Vanessa LongshawProduction Assistant, CNN, New York, New York

Ready to Take on the World Again

Empowered and ready to take on the world again! That’s how I feel after chatting with Jeanine.

I’d like to think of myself as a leader who is in control of his own life but that doesn’t mean I never have bad days. In fact, I’m usually very hard on myself and also my own worst critic.

Being a good leader means that you know when to allow other people to lead you in other areas of your life and I’m so thankful that I did. With all the “doing” in my life, sometimes I completely neglect the “being” part of myself. Through her words, kindness and compassion, Jeanine pulled me out of my slump and changed my perspective about myself, my vision, and my purpose.

Jeanine helped me removed the mental blocks that I have from experiencing success in my business. Since our conversation, I’ve easily doubled and even tripled the income I made in a few short months. Because of that, I’ve been able to travel and work anywhere in the world. That conversation with Jeanine was life changing!

Myke MacapinlacProgram Director of “The Social Man Project”, Vancouver, Canada

Since Jeanine and I have started our sessions together my life has beautifully transformed. During this time I’ve been encouraged and supported to follow my dreams. Her professionalism and creativity are the perfect formula to cultivate your self- empowerment.

– Muriel E, Yoga Instructor, NYC

Having Jeanine as my coach changed my life. She helped me discover my purpose. She helped me turn my life around when things were a little dark and there is no doubt that I am a better man today because I called her.

– David C, Sales, TX

Moving through Life Transitions Positively

Jeanine introduced me to a range of tools that I could connect with on a very personal level to help me move through a very challenging life transition and she was able to hold space in a positive and loving way. I would not have been able to take those initial, difficult steps forward without her confidence in me, and really, her confidence that we as humans have within us a greater grace to move to consciously and lovingly for the betterment of ourselves and others. Her intuition and genuine desire to support others on their journeys come from a place of love.

Vijaylaxsmi KesavanPublic Health Professional, San Francisco, California

Jeanine’s Meditation Changed My Life!

Jeanine offers a guided meditation that changed my life, both internally and externally. Her work cuts to the core of my attachments and allows me to envision and embody what it’s like to be truly free of them. Her ability to get up close and personal with me and the people I carry with me is astounding, and when she reflects back to me and helps me shift my potent world of relationships and beliefs, simply put: healing happens.

Madeline Blue SchusselActress, Los Angeles, California

I Now Feel Grateful, Loved and Awake To Healing

After being informed of my partner’s passing, I didn’t know how to cope with the physical loss. Feelings, sensations, and thoughts arose in my mind and I didn’t know where I could go to safely express them. Jeanine created a safe, comforting space and guided meditation for me to express and connect with my current experience. With her support, I was able to grieve in alignment with my core values and beliefs. I now feel grateful, loved, and awake to the process for continued healing. Jeanine holds the heart and hands of a healer, listener, and guide for people to tap into their deepest wounds, desires, and truths. She is simply amazing, and I know with her support and guidance, you will receive a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Priscilla MuñozFounder of “Creative Genius”, New York City

Believed in Me Before I Did!

Working with Jeanine has single handedly been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself. She has helped me completely start my own business, navigate the transition from my 20s to 30s more gracefully, and most importantly, find compassion for myself through the moments of doubt and frustration. She has helped me heal my heart and my spirit while encouraging me to reach my highest potential. I highly recommend Jeanine for artists, feelers, and big dreamers. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way and seen me for who I am (before I could see it!). It is an honor working alongside her. She continues to be one of my greatest investments.

Melissa HirshSinger and Singing Coach, NYC