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My Debut Poetry Collection

Poems for the Grief of what is Tender, and the Joy of what is True


Poetry Prints for your Home

Perfect for a gift or for decorating your home with something to inspire you.

  • Find the perfect poem to express and share a sentiment to remember! (coming soon!)


Capturing Moments that Matter

Customized Poetry Commissions for your (or your loved one’s) Momentous Moments!

  • Includes a phone session to get to know your special occasion and translate it into a meaningful piece of art!

Poems to walk with you through:


the Grief of what you Let Go, 

the Joy of what you Let Be,

and the Aliveness of what you Let In.


This poetry collection with themes of joy and grief is here to companion you through the ebbs and flows of what is sorrowful as well as what is sweet.
The poems take you on a journey through the longing for what’s not-yet-here, the mourning for what has been lost or may never be, and the hope for the love that’s possible through it all.


Coming soon!

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by Jeanine Cerundolo


by Jeanine Cerundolo

Stay tuned! 





by Jeanine Cerundolo


“A visceral and tender collection by an author and life coach who is deeply in tune with the human experience. At times whimsical, profoundly hopeful, consistently thought-provoking and wisdom-filled, this collection is for anyone who has felt insurmountable grief and survived- to find they can still dance with joy.”

~ Julia Korn, Career & Executive Coach, Chapel Hill, NC


“As a reader of mostly nonfiction and novels, poems don’t usually resonate with me. However, I was able to connect with Cerundolo’s poems immediately due to their realness and a flow that dances with all of your senses. I highly recommend this book of poetry for anyone who is open to seeing beauty in the joys, despair, and flirtatiousness that life has to offer.”

~ Emmi Fortin, Relationship Coach & Bestselling Author, Boston MA

Personalized Custom Poems


Step into the Next Version of YOU


Are you on the threshold of a new beginning, making a big commitment like marriage, becoming a parent, or grieving as you say goodbye to someone or something that you held dear?

In this 60-min phone or zoom session, we will connect about your pivotal moment at hand, and then I will create a (1-2 page) personalized poem to capture this poignant moment in your life.

The poem will get to the essence of your experience and hopes, and serve as a commemorative reminder of who you ARE and who you are BECOMING, with inspiring words you can return to again and again.

These personalized poems have been described as a type of ceremony, ritual, or rite of passage that help the recipient step deeper and taller into their truth. They reflect what you’ve shared, and mirror back to you what’s possible.

This service and product also makes a great gift and may also be commissioned about or for a loved one, such as after a loss, or for an engagement/ anniversary.


The Custom Poem Bundle (60min call & Personalized Poem delivered via electronic text file plus via audio recording)

is available for:  $295

Request your Custom Poem

“I was so touched that in so few words, Jeanine could capture the entirety of my emotional spectrum, expressing exactly how I felt on such a deep level. Her words captured the grief, devastation, and heartbreak that was very real for me during an intense breakup. At the same time, Jeanine’s words also reminded me of my courage and my strength to move forward, empowering me to come back to my own self, my wishes, and my own dreams, and to believe there was something out there for me beyond this grief and sadness. After receiving this poem, I framed it and put it up in my kitchen. Seeing it there kept motivating me to take action and realize that I was not helpless—I had the power to stand on my own two feet and to take the leap of what I truly wanted to do. At that pivotal time, Jeanine’s words mirrored back to me who I really am and have always been. I’m so grateful to have gotten this unique gift to help me find the courage to move through that trying time and into my next chapter.”

~ Custom Poem Recipient

Jeanine Cerundolo has a gift for helping you "revere what is here" in your life. Jeanine's unique way of playing with words and shifting their meanings, invites you into new, expanded possibilities for relating to yourself and your feelings and thoughts so you can be more loving towards yourself, more accepting of your experiences in life, and also have more courage to bring more of yourself into the world!

Jen EarlsDance For Humanity Founder, Asheville, NC

I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life, and received a recorded track from Jeanine to support me. The composition was so helpful in navigating the low place I was in. I couldn’t tell you how many times I listened to its beautiful visceral and therapeutic poetry, as it guided me through a difficult time. I honestly have never received such a beautiful gift in my life.

John P.Associate Director of Choral Activities & Associate Professor of Music